R.I.P. Micah True

Phoebe Jackson wanted to let the group know that Micah True died March 27 during a short run in Gila National Forest, NM.  Some of you may remember him as Caballo Blanco from our discussion of Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run.  As for me, I dubbed him the Athletic Ascetic, and found his story incredibly intriguing.  His was the tale of a man whose hands had led him down a dark and unexpected path.  Fortunately, he landed on his feet and found a measure of peace in the practice of long distance running.

In further tribute to Mr. True, I have posted my synopsis of our September 2011 discussion of Born to Run below.  True’s dramatic story weaves through the fabric of McDougall’s exhilarating opus, and I encourage those who have not read this amazing book to do so.

Somebody once said that books are a bit like recreational drugs.  That is, they both share an ability to intoxicate, to potentially expand consciousness, and perhaps even change the course of a life.  Born to Run was like that for me.  I was addicted from the first page, and the physical, spiritual and intellectual inebriation still lingers.

On the other hand, unlike illicit substances, the side effects of reading seem to be of a decidedly positive nature. If fact, the resulting chapter of my life might well be titled How Frank Got His Move Back.  The only thing lacking was somebody to share this literary laudanum with.

And so, it was with great pleasure that I met up with the curious and convivial crew known as the Crandall Public Library Monday Evening Book Discussion Group to talk about McDougall’s masterpiece.  As expected, given that the group seems born to chat, the conversation ran a rather lively course.  Conversational snippets include the following:

  • Is it true?  Are we born to run..?
  • Of style and storytelling
  • Nike indicted in one fell swoop
  • Science – shortsighted and for sale
  • Knowledge – panacea or poison?
  • Ancient peoples – enduring wisdom
  • Evolution as a lens on fitness and diet

Finally, I thought that you might enjoy the following “behind-the-scenes” film footage from an upcoming documentary.

I can’t take all the credit for this post.  Luis Escobar is responsible for the photo.  Credit for finding Mr. Escobar rests squarely on the lovely and talented shoulders of Vanessa Rodriguez.  As ever, thanks to Anne Nelson for her many contributions.


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3 responses to “R.I.P. Micah True

  1. joy1934

    Thank you, Frank. You’ve inspired me to put the book on me TBR list. Below is a link to review about the book which I just now wrote at Goodreads.com (after reading your blog above) :
    Joy Huott

    PS-See you at the discussion of _The Widower’s Tale_. I’m enjoying it now.

  2. Joy-
    Thanks for the kind words. For me, Born to Run was a life-changer. It reminded me of a part of me that was long forgotten. Also, thanks for the link, and I can’t wait to see you at our discussion of The Widower’s Tale.
    Take care,

  3. joy1934

    Thanks, Frank. I look forward to seeing you, and everyone else too, on 4/16/12 at the discussion.

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