6 responses to “Texts for Tolerance: Zeitoun and Persepolis Revisited

  1. Frank & Anne,
    Thanks for this thoughtful and informative page.
    Also, thanks for the great quote by Helen Keller. I added it to my collection.
    Best, Joy H.

  2. PS-After reading Frank’s article above, I posted the following topic at my online book group: “Books Which Encourage Tolerance”.
    The link is:
    I hope I posted the correct titles.
    Please feel free to comment at the above-linked topic.
    Joy H.

  3. PPS-I changed the word “encourage” to “foster”. -Joy

    • Another “text for tolerance” might be: _To Kill A Mockingbird_, which is about bigotry. —Joy H.

      • Joy-
        Thanks for your response! I would have got back to you sooner, but I have been away on vacation, and trying to avoid anything computer related, as I get plenty of that at work. In any case, I was thinking about all the ways that art and life influence each other after all the craziness that followed The Innocence of Muslims, and I just had to “say” something positive about the dynamic. In fact, it has given me some thoughts about expanding this blog, and making it more than a home for the book group. More on that soon… I’m happy to see that it gave you some food for thought as well. And yes, Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mocking Bird is an excellent example of Texts for Tolerance. Another work that really moved me was Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin. It was nice “chatting” with you!

      • joy1934

        Frank – I’ve added _Black Like Me_ to my Book-To-Read list. I read the Goodreads description at: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/42603.Black_Like_Me
        Sounds like a very interesting and illuminating book!
        Keep up the good work on this blog. Glad you had a good vacation.

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