Special Event 5/6/2013

Crandall Public Library will show director Jeff Orlowski’s acclaimed new documentary Chasing Ice at 6:30 pm on Monday May 6, 2013.  The film will be followed by a short presentation and conversation with John Cerveny, an authority on climate change from the Al Gore Climate Reality Project team.

Chasing Ice employs time lapse footage taken over the course of a year by National Geographic photographer James Balog to document the shrinking of glaciers worldwide.  Stunning photographs from Montana, Greenland, Iceland, and Alaska make an abstract distant-seeming issue, as immediate and timely as Hurricane Sandy.  The film has been lauded by critics, both for its artistry, and the powerful message it conveys.  As one pundit professes:  “Astonishing cinematography and gripping narrative carry the viewer into reaches of the creation rarely encountered by any human. What we find there is beautiful beyond description and, disturbingly, disappearing. Everyone should see this film.”

Guest speaker John Cerveny’s frustration with conventional efforts to address climate change motivated his decision to become a member of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project team.  As he explains, “I feel like the issue is too important to allow it to be sidelined, ridiculed or ignored as it has been in the current political environment. Absent real leadership on the issue from our elected officials, my belief is that we need to tackle this as best we can by sharing the story and inciting action at all levels in every way possible.”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. calls Chasing Ice “the smoking gun on climate change.”  Al Gore has stated that “The Climate Reality Project is dedicated to unleashing a global cultural movement demanding action on the climate crisis.”  What will you think?

The event is co-sponsored by Crandall Public Library and Tri-County NY Transition, a local grassroots group proactively addressing the challenges of global warming and fossil fuel dependency.  Sure to be thought provoking, the festivities begin at 6:30 in the Christine L. McDonald Community Room.

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