Your Library Card Is Also Your Flux Capacitor

Posted by Anne Nelson.


The Library’s free Tuesday night Film Festival has not yet started for the fall season, and the free movies screened by Art in the Public Eye (every Friday night in City Park) are just wrapping up now. So what can you do if you really, really like coming downtown to watch movies on a big screen? First, be patient: our Film Festival is starting again soon and it’s going to be a good one (because it always is). But for the meantime, you might check out The Wood Theater’s calendar. Their movies are not free (it’s $5 for a ticket), but they’ve chosen some fun titles, including the quintessential 1980s time-travel picture: “Back to the Future”. Coincidentally, if you went to all the free A.P.E. movies then you already saw the loony, loopy “Time Bandits”, which is a terrific (albeit less-famous) 1980s time-travel picture. So what do you do if after “Time Bandits” and “Back to the Future” you want more 80’s-era time-travel movies? How about borrowing some titles from the Library and hosting your own 1980s time-travel picture night? I would suggest: “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” for the kids, “Terminator” for the bigger kids, and perhaps “Donnie Darko” and “Hot Tub Time Machine” for the grownups. And “Star Trek IV” of course. All are available here at Crandall and all are worth revisiting. Well, maybe not “Hot Tub Time Machine,” but it’s certainly worth watching once if you’ve never seen it. And all the rest are worth revisiting, even “Star Trek IV.”


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