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Scared Witless 2

newspaperThe moon, a filmy oozing orb framed by the blackest of nights, bathed my sleeping chambers in a most menacing light.  Freshly awoke from a feverish slumber, this state of affairs did little to dispel a sense of unease, no doubt emanating from the disturbing dream that I now feel compelled to share with you.  Seized by the wonderlust, I sunk my fangs deep into the warm and throbbing jugular of the Internet.  I was immediately overwhelmed, nearly driven mad by the ceaseless babble of meta-data coursing through my neural circuitry.  Of particular note were three twisted tomes, whose titles were repeated over and over, like some sort of perverse mantra, an unholy chant if there ever was one.  All I can say, dear reader, is that if you decide to proceed further, please prepare to be scared witless…


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Daughter of the Sword

Posted by Bill Good

daughter of the sword.jpgSteven Bein’s Daughter of the Sword is a story taking place on numerousl levels.  A detective is assigned to look into an attempt to steal a samurai sword from elderly professor Yasuo Yamada. In between passages, we are given a glimpse into the history of this blade, and others from the same forge.

More than a century before the other great sword makers of Japan were beginning, Inazuma was crafting his blades. To most, his story is little more than fanciful legend. Few realize he was real, and that his swords still exist. They have traveled down the centuries, cherished by those who hold them, because Inazuma put magic as well as superb steel into his work. But magic is not always benign.

Mariko Oshiro, the first female Detective Sergeant of the Tokyo P.D., has been assigned a task below her skills and pay-grade, looking into an attempt to steal a samurai sword. Professor Yamada knows what he has, and dares not whisper the truth to his peers, for his expertise would be dismissed did he talk of Inazuma. Detective Oshiro needs to learn of swords and swordsmanship, if she is to stop a dangerous Yakuza who already owns one such blade,  and will stop at nothing to have another.

“If you have any interest in Japanese culture, samurais, bushido…ah hell, just read it…freaking epic.”
–Pure Textuality

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