Deborah Austin

Deborah Austin is a mother, wife, photographer, author, knitter, voracious reader, avid cook, lover of culture and good music,  stand up comedian, defender of the weak, etc.

Love Library Style (co-author)

Hiding in Plain Sight by Deborah Austin
This is a story about living with the repercussions of a troubled past. About self destruction and the struggle to overcome overwhelming fear. It takes the reader on just such a journey through the eyes of Riley Scott, a photographer whose goal in life is to avoid love at all costs, a task she’s managed for the last eight years since her divorce. When she meets Joshua Mendon, her instinct is to run fast and far even as she becomes further involved with him. He seems safe enough at first, a writer living alone with his dog and Riley accepts an invitation for coffee. When she steps behind her camera, snapping a picture of him, she is entranced with the results. Her interest swiftly enters into obsession where she fights to maintain a friendly distance even as she makes Joshua the subject of a photo study. Her attraction grows but her fear of another failed relationship causes her to balk at each new intimacy. Joshua is nothing if not patient and after a dinner with friends at his house, their relationship takes a turn that will change both of their lives in a way they never expected.

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