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Energy: Myths and Realities

vaclav smilWHO:  I discovered Vaclav Smil’s work while perusing a recent issue of Wired Magazine.  More specifically, an article titled This Is the Man Bill Gates Thinks You Absolutely Should Be Reading, and if you call yourself an environmentalist, then you really ought to check out his written work.

 WHAT:  In this case, the work in question bears the moniker Energy: Myths and Realities, is subtitled Brining Science to the Energy Policy Debate, and the two sum up the work in fine fashion.

WHEN:  In the interest of being well informed, it is suggested that you ought to read this tech-toned-treatise as soon as possible.

 WHY:  As in why you should most definitely read this book.  In Mr. Smil’s own words:

“If a global civilization is to commit trillions of dollars over the course of many decades to improve the odds of it’s to its stable existence, then it should follow the most rational, most economically rewarding, and least environmentally stressful course rather than pursuing inherently inferior alternatives.”

WHERE:  At your local Southern Adirondack Library System branch.

HOW:  Click the link to order a copy of Energy: Myths and Realities, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming an energy policy wonk.


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