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Scared Witless 2

newspaperThe moon, a filmy oozing orb framed by the blackest of nights, bathed my sleeping chambers in a most menacing light.  Freshly awoke from a feverish slumber, this state of affairs did little to dispel a sense of unease, no doubt emanating from the disturbing dream that I now feel compelled to share with you.  Seized by the wonderlust, I sunk my fangs deep into the warm and throbbing jugular of the Internet.  I was immediately overwhelmed, nearly driven mad by the ceaseless babble of meta-data coursing through my neural circuitry.  Of particular note were three twisted tomes, whose titles were repeated over and over, like some sort of perverse mantra, an unholy chant if there ever was one.  All I can say, dear reader, is that if you decide to proceed further, please prepare to be scared witless…


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